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Pointing Out the Obvious [Comment of the Week]

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Over on Viktor Kerney's post, "GetEQUAL: Move On from Obama & Attack Our Enemies," he chastises the LGBT direct action group for once again targeting President Obama and Democrats instead of focusing on ENDA's actual hold-up - Republicans.

I had dinner yesterday evening with the executive director of a national LGBT org who pointed out the obvious; with Republicans controlling the House of Representatives Thumbnail image for comment-of-week.jpgand Boehner flat-out admitting he knows nothing about it, why isn't GetEqual focused on, shall we say, "educating" the GOP jackasses about a bill that 90% of America already approves of? With Republican politicians all over the nation supporting non-discrimination legislation, why not point out how out-of-touch they are?

Instead, this battle has become about an executive order instead of actual ENDA legislation. Believe it or not, this is a battle we could win if we put the right amount of pressure on the GOP at a time when their presidential candidate supports the proposed bill. Instead, Obama can easily brush off the protests by pointing to Congressional Republicans - who are the holdup on ENDA - and use it as a wedge issue himself.

Commenter David Stevens takes it one step further:

David Stevens
So the record is clear for everyone. Even though we all need ENDA. Here is a list of all the things Obama has done since taking office in his 3 years as tweeted by the White House. Even with this huge list, I can't actually believe I am reading gay people writing "I don't care, I am voting for Romney!" All this blaming Obama for rights we have NEVER had. This has surly split the gay vote and once again, we shoot ourselves in the foot.

So the question becomes, will the lack of an executive order actually change anyone's vote in November or will it even be remembered by LGBT voters? Do you agree with GetEqual's myopic determination to embarrass the President or should they refocus their ire to the folks who can actually advance the legislation they want?

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