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RuPaul's Drag Race Recap Season 4, Episode 11

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Heya folks. Hope you survived last night without me. The Magnetic Fields put me in a great mood last night, so let's see how bitchy I can be today. I have museums to visit this afternoon, so let's get this started.

Sharon-Needles-Dog.pngAs before, I'm going to treat this as I do the live blogging since this is my first time watching the episode. Timestamps are how many minutes into the show we are in case you feel like skipping around.

Last week on, Kenya Michaels returned, the girls made over some pregnant daddies, and Kenya Michaels Sashayed away - again.

This week - the girls get bitchy.

Let's get this race started after the jump.

Episode 11: The Fabulous Bitch Ball


You Got a She Mail!

Today's Mini-Challenge: Puppets

Each Queen picks a puppet that represents one of the other contestants, make it over then put on a mini-bitch show.

Sharon: Chad Michaels

Pretty great - She is right on Chad - including Silicon

Chad: PhiPhi

They all love to hate her, and Chad hit's it on the head.

Latrice: Sharon Needles

Eh - just tries to be creepy

PhiPhi: Latrice

I've grown to respect her humor. This is getting much more difficult to call.

Chad wins, and PhiPhi is pissed.


This weeks challenge is a mini-ball, all inspired by a real dog. Each girl must create three looks: Daytime Dog Park Realness, Pooch In a Purse Party Girl, Canine Couture.

Chad matches the dogs with their girl.

PhiPhi: Bloodhound - HAHAHAHA! She seems terrified by the huge thing. Timid bottom.
Chad: Chinese Crested - boring
Latrice: Pomeranian - smallest dog; biggest queen
Sharon: Standard Poodle - Oh she is so not a poodle

They get to use their own drag and some doggy treats.


PhiPhi has the worst dog and hates Chad for it. The thing is over friendly and drools. PhiPhi hates friendly.



Latrice - talks more about needing money that what she is wearing.

Chad - Little House on the Praire. Ru tells her to be herself.

Sharon - Tight body suit, white fur, and tan make-up (she's running out of pale foundation).

PhiPhi - Paris/Poodle skirt. You have a bloodhound and poodle skirts are not Parisian. I hope you are gone today - mostly because I love the other three better.

This weeks twist: Broadway style opening number. Think Cats but with Dogs. Chad is in charge.


Chad and Sharon take charge and PhiPhi HATES it. Then says, this is how it should go. But her coup is failing.

No one feels good about it.


Back to the work room.

Sharon is worrying me. She realized she doesn't know how to sew. And asked for some meth to help. We knew it.


Next day.

Sharon says her psychic powers are pointing towards her leaving. NOO!


Runway time.

This weeks judges: Rose McGowan and Wynonna Judd

Musical first:

Did they sing their own parts? Sharon sounds like herself. That was actually pretty good.

First Look: Daytime Dog Park Realness

Latrice - One of her best was that a tag still in her wig?

PhiPhi - That is not real, and the pooper scooper prop - PhiPhi is the Carrot Top of Drag. Carrot Bottom?

Sharon - Wow! That is the realest Sharon I have ever seen. I hope they love this. Michelle has asked for this for weeks. Definitely not a safe look for her. Not Sharon enough? But her purse doubles as a doggy bag - very Sharon.

Chad - She is made for realness.

I think PhiPhi blew this one.


Second Look: Pooch In a Purse Party Girl

Latrice - Only dog that would fit in a purse. That top is just tied around her.

PhiPhi - Not much different than the first look.

Sharon - Sharon's type of party for sure. I think she has pulled this off. Ha! Complete with drugs.

Chad: I think she has made the top three.


Third Look: Canine Couture

Latrice - Santino is going to rip her apart today. Looks glued together.

PhiPhi - her best look by far. But is it Couture?

Sharon - Rocks it. The judges better not hate her today.

Chad - Very Deville. She is safe today.

I'm thinking Latrice and PhiPhi are the bottom two.


Judges Critiques:

Latrice - They like the ball, dog park they liked best. Not safe.

PhiPhi - Maybe I am wrong - they seem to be liking this.

Chad - They hate the lack of Diva. I dunno. Might be the bottom.

Sharon - They LOVE her. I think she may win this tonight. Michelle loved the realness.


Ru asks the girls who they think should go home.

Sharon - PhiPhi, of course. Says she is not enough of a sweetheart. PhiPhi fights back and calls her a liar.

PhiPhi - Sharon, of course.

Chad - PhiPhi. Not mature enough.

Latrice - Sharon. Not perfect enough. They really are opposites.

The girls leave the stage.


The judges talk amongst themselves:

Latrice - Boring and Flat. Said don't make fun of Sharon for being unfinished when her hem is uneven. Bottom.

PhiPhi - Like the fierceness. Safe.

Chad - clothes did not live up. Bottom.

Sharon - love everything about it. Win.


Bring back the girls.

Sharon - WINNER. Top three!!! Yay! You have helped me face my fear of Needles and I thank you.

Chad - bottom two.

PhiPhi - young dog learned new tricks. Safe.

Latrice - Bottom again.

Can Chad compete? Latrice kicks some ass and has 3 weeks practice and we have yet to see Chad's skills.


Lip Sync time to Wynonna Judd's "No One Else On Earth."

Both are pretty tight on the lip sync, but it is Latrice's first country song. I think Chad has this - but I love you LATRICE!

Chad stays, and Latrice sashays away. This was difficult for me. I'll be honest, there are some tears happening here.

Top three folks. Unless something changes, I'll be back live next week. Let me know your predictions in the comments.

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