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James Holmes

'Savage U' Premieres on MTV

Filed By James Holmes | April 04, 2012 4:00 PM | comments

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Last night my partner, David, and I caught Dan Savage's new MTV advice show Savage U. SavageU.pngIn the series he is touring college campuses and brings some "Savage Love" Q&As to college students and some one-on-one advice sessions. He starts with nearby UMD in College Park.

David and I have been a fan of Dan's column and podcast for years - along with a large portion of my friends. On a return car-ride from the beach two summers ago, our soundtrack was a backlog of his shows on my friend's iPod.

While it is great to hear, I really loved seeing the face to face interactions. First, it takes a lot more bravery to put your face with the questions - the anonymity of emails and phone calls removed. But like most college students, it doesn't seem very hard to get them talking about sex.

Beyond just the Q&A, Dan also goes out pre-gaming with groups of students in an attempt to understand the sex culture of the university. How's it feel to be a frat boy?

What surprised me the most was the pure stupidity of some of the students - specifically on condom use and birth control. Person after person admitted freely to never using them.

In one of the final segments, Dan meets a guy waiting at the student health center waiting to get STI tested. He admitted that he and his girlfriend use no form of birth control. They call the girlfriend and her plan is to figure that out if it happens. Does she not know how this shit works?

Next week Dan heads to the Mid-West. I'm curious to see if the Bible Belt stereotypes hold true.

Check out last nights episode and new episodes on Tuesdays at 11:00EST on MTV.

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