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Teddy Bears Are Masculine [What You Need to Know]

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We've talked before about the absurdity of exclusionary rhetoric on hookup apps and websites, but this Grindr user takes the cake. pedo-douche.jpgFor some reason, gay men seem to find the little blurbs the profiles feature as the best spot to highlight their prejudices. "No fats." "No fems." "No blacks." "No Latinos." "No Asians." The list goes on and on.

Sometimes though, you get a real Mensa member who posts a particularly ridiculous profile. Douchebags of Grindr is pointing out this particularly ridiculous profile this morning. This "masculine guy" walks, talks, and acts like a boy, dammit. He just happens to like playing with teddy bears - which surveys say are the top indicator of a macho man who doesn't eat quiche, has no lisps, and definitely walks like "a boy."

These hookup apps and sites bring out the worst hypocrisy from some folks. A personal favorite is the closet cases who complain that all gay men want is ass while they're cruising Grindr during a conversation with friends. Maybe if these sexually prejudiced guys opened their boundaries a bit, they'd find someone for longer than a one night hookup - even if the dream guy a chubby Asian fem.

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