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Gun Control: When Org Leaders Say Stupid Shit [Part 6,384]

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Obviously everyone is fallible and no one can sound like the brightest bulb in the room all the time, but when you're the leader of a major national organization it's commonly assumed you'll stop and think before you speak. Unfortunately, some leaders didn't get the memo.

Case in point: NRA President Wayne LaPierre... Speaking to the group's annual meeting in St. Louis on Friday, he managed to sound not only crass, but bigstock-Man-aiming-at-spectator-with-g-17549765.jpgidiotic as he addressed the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Instead of giving the family sympathy, he instead decided to charge the media with responsibility for the shooting.

"You manufacture controversy for ratings," he said. "You don't care about the truth, and the truth is the national news media in this country is a national disgrace...and it's getting worse every single day."

Speaking rhetorically to unspecified reporters, he continued: "Your dishonesty, duplicity and moral irresponsibility is directly contributing to the collapse of American freedom in our country."

As he continued - calling reporters "irresponsible, duplicitous and dangerously dishonest" - he acknowledged that he opens himself up to criticism for being so over the top.

"Right now, there's a reporter out there writing the NRA is paranoid and that I'm crazy," he said. "That reporter should think of what it must have felt like on that fateful September day in the World Trade Center."

Because, you know, good Americans exercising their God-given right to carry guns took down the Twin Towers with a Colt .45 - or maybe he meant that if one of the folks in the building had a shotgun, he could have shot the terrorists out of the sky like a duck.

I've never been a big believer in "gun rights" myself and LaPierre doesn't help his cause with stupid shit like this. In today's America the folks who clutch to their guns either want them because they're paranoid someone is going to attack them, they like killing animals for sport, or they're part of a "government is going to get me!" militia. If you don't fall into one of those three categories, why do you need one? Why not just take them out of the hands of criminals and victims so they're not needed for self-defense and prosecute sport hunters for animal cruelty?

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