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A Message from North Carolina [Action Alert]

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This just in from North Carolina... I know I've been bugging y'all about supporting the efforts to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment in the Tarheel State, but today it's even more important than ever. While Freedom To Marry may have written them off, grassroots activists have stepped into the void and action-alerts-1-export.jpghelped them raise a record amount of cash to run one of the best pro-marriage equality campaigns to date. Even Chelsea Clinton is stumping on their behalf now! (You can read her e-mail to supporters after the break.)

This morning, campaign manager Jeremy Kennedy sent out this last minute plea. I'm copying it here for everyone to see and respond.

Dear Bil,

We are five days from election day and we are doing all that we can to defeat Amendment One and protect all women, children and families in North Carolina. When we began this campaign skeptics said that we would lose by a substantial margin and that we would never raise any money. And you proved them wrong.

More than 10,000 of you have stepped up to give money to this campaign, thousands more have volunteered and many, many more North Carolinians have stepped up to say that you value all families -- gay and straight -- in North Carolina.

I promise that this is the last time that our campaign will ask you for money but I am making final decisions on buying air time at Noon today. I need to know what resources we have in the bank before then.

Can you give one final time? $10, $25, $50, $100, $250 or more. Please give whatever amount that you feel good about. This is the last day that your donation can go into direct voter contact and we need you.

Our opposition have announced that they are putting another $225,000 into misinformation and we simply must respond. Give what you can today and know that every dollar will be spent wisely to defeat the amendment.

I am honored to have fought to defeat the amendment alongside so many courageous, wonderful North Carolinians. You have inspired your friends, family members and neighbors to stand up and be counted.

Together, on Tuesday, we will defeat Amendment One.


Jeremy Kennedy

PS - Today and tomorrow mark the end of early voting meaning that if you are not registered then you won't be able to vote. Go to the polls, today, and be counted.

Chelsea's statement of support is after the break.

Dear Bil,

I believe that everyone must stand up for what is right, whenever possible, wherever possible. I also believe that when the civil rights of any one American or group of Americans in one place are questioned, all Americans, everywhere, should care that the answer is the right one. Those are lessons I learned at a young age from my parents and they are guiding principles in my life.

That is why I am joining you in opposing Amendment One in North Carolina. Amendment One unfairly targets women, children and families, gay and straight, who fall outside of the narrow definition of family articulated by those who drafted the legislation.

It is our duty to join the fight on behalf of both the gay and lesbian North Carolinians who were the original targets of the amendment and the tens of thousands of straight male and female North Carolinians who will be collateral damage if the amendment passes next Tuesday.

Many North Carolinians will lose health care, domestic violence protections, end of life and visitation benefits, and face other serious consequences due to the political agenda of those who offered up the legislation. Those consequences will not discriminate - they will fall on the young, the old, the gay, the straight, men, women, professionals, line workers, union workers. Some of those are my friends - some are your friends, your neighbors, and perhaps even members of your own family.

You may ask why I am joining with you to defeat an amendment that would not harm my family as Marc and I are married under a traditional definition. Well, the answer is simple. When a measure as unfair, poorly worded, and harmful as Amendment One is offered up on a ballot, none of us can afford to be silent.

The Speaker of the North Carolina House claimed that this is a generational issue and that in twenty years the amendment will be repealed if it is passes. I believe that the Speaker is correct on one issue: the generation that will determine the future of North Carolina and the future of our country believes in equal rights without qualification and in protecting families regardless of the definition.

Defeating Amendment One requires all of us to educate voters on the harms to both gay and straight families. Polling continues to show that people do not understand the amendment and what it will do to North Carolina families if we do not defeat it on May 8.

Please sign up today for a get out the vote shift. The campaign tells me that they need several hundred more people knocking on doors to win next Tuesday. Will you sign up now? Everyone in North Carolina will be harmed if this amendment passes and your help is needed.

Do not be discouraged by the polling. Early voting shows that the electorate is younger and more progressive than the one that pollsters are surveying. It is up to all of us to make sure that trend continues - and that all voters understand the real consequences of Amendment One.

The campaign manager also tells me that the campaign is only a few thousand dollars away from hitting their goal for get out the vote resources. Will you contribute $25 today to make sure they are able to educate voters on the harms of Amendment One?

Good luck in the final days of the campaign - lots of people around the country, including me, are rooting for you.


Chelsea Clinton

PS - You can vote early against Amendment One until Saturday, May 5. Please click here for information on early voting. If you vote early, the campaign can take you off our list and focus on those who haven't voted yet.

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