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A Taiwanese Take on America's Gay Rights Struggles

Filed By James Holmes | May 09, 2012 12:00 PM | comments

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It is always interesting to see how the world views the internal politics of the United States. In this new animation video from the Taiwanese news station NMA, we see their take on America's fights on gay rights in California and North Carolina.

There are so many things to comment on here. Some comical, some confusing, and others racist and accusatory.

My favorite moments:

The Bachmannator - a gay conversion machine used to illustrate California's attempt to ban gay conversion therapy. We see a bear destroying the machine - not a "bear" (though that was my first thought) - but a real bear that is a symbol on the California flag. I think I would have rather seen a leather daddy.

Two gay boys decked out in rainbow t-shirts watching Glee's performance of "I Was Born This Way" while kissing being caught by angry parents. I have a feeling they already were suspicious.

Obama, Biden, and the Village People riding a fence in front of the White Out.

The confusing moments:

Why are the two gay suicidal football players twice the size of the people around them?

And the racist moments:

They blame the passage of North Carolina's Amendment One on the African American Community - complete with hooded Klansmen.

Check it out after the jump and give me your take.

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