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CNN Host Calls Bullshit During Tony Perkins Interview

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Watch as CNN's Brooke Baldwin interviews hate group leader Tony Perkins and doesn't allow him to spew his lies and insinuations as most Baldwin-Perkins-CNN.jpg"newscasters" do. I've never understood why various anchors allow these oafs to say anything without regard to actual facts, so it's heartening to watch as Baldwin simply calls bullshit on many of his talking points.

GLAAD is also celebrating Baldwin's interview - especially compared to Wolf Blitzer's kowtowing and facile acceptance of Perkin's twisted views on the LGBT community.

Here are a few of the key questions, along with Perkins' answers.

  • Baldwin asked Perkins if he had ever been to the home of a married same-sex couple. He had not.
  • She asked how he would explain to a married gay couple that they should not have the protections of marriage. He did not answer.
  • Baldwin asked Perkins why gay people bother him so much. He said they don't ... but he did so very uncomfortably, and it was evident he was not telling the whole truth.
  • When he implied that his was the majority position, she corrected him, citing the latest polls showing only 39% of Americans believing marriage equality should be illegal, opposed to 53% who say it should be legal.
  • And when he told her it was a policy issue, she corrected him, and told him it was a human issue.

Watch the interview after the break.

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