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Did the Obama Campaign Just Snub Barney Frank?

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The blogosphere is alight today with the new video from the Obama campaign to kick off their LGBT outreach efforts for pride month. But did the campaign snub retiring gay Congressman Barney Frank in the process?

At last month's National Stonewall Democrats event to honor the Congressman for his long service and tenacity in fighting for LGBT rights, the Obama campaign sent a "video message" from the President to play at the event. President-Obama-Barney-Frank.jpgWith all eyes on Representative Frank that evening, it was expected that the video would feature the President actually saying something about Barney Frank.

Instead, several attendees and party insiders complained after the event that the video wasn't a tribute to Representative Frank. In fact, the Congressman's name wasn't even mentioned in the campaign montage of Obama's achievements in office. The only "Barney Frank moment" came when a photo of Obama and the Congressman flashed on screen for a brief second.

So when I saw the campaign's "new" video to showcase the President's history on LGBT rights, I was blown away at the sheer audacity on display. While there are a few extra scenes at the beginning about Obama's new-found support for marriage equality and Jane Lynch now narrates the video, it is the same video sent to "honor" Barney Frank's retirement and legacy.

Not only did the campaign snub Representative Frank at his own retirement party by sending over a campaign video instead, now they're pawning it off on the rest of the community as new outreach.

Bilerico contributor Karen Ocamb ruminates on her own site, "Timed to coincide with the new Obama Pride launch Wednesday from President Obama's re-election campaign, this is an extraordinary video that I suspect LGBT activists fighting in North Carolina might have wished had come out before their state passed the horrid antigay constitutional amendment." The sad truth is, it was available - or at least 99% of it. The President's support of marriage equality was still missing before the amendment passed.

Video is after the break.

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