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Indiana Continues to Tacitly Endorse LGBT Teen Bullying

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A bullied Indianapolis teen has been expelled from high school for firing a stun gun into the air after he was surrounded by potential attackers on school property. The teen had repeatedly begged for help from the IndianaArsenal Tech High School administration, but their response was to tell him to "tone down" his style.

Darnell "Dynasty" Young, who is openly gay, was suspended pending expulsion April 16 after he brought a stun gun to school, raised it in the air and fired it to frighten six students who had surrounded him during a passing period.
The family learned late Monday that Young has been expelled until Jan. 7. That means he won't be able to finish his junior year and will miss the first semester of his senior year.

"I couldn't believe that they did it," Grimes said. "They really kicked him out."

While I don't condone bringing a weapon to school, I must admit that I did the same thing throughout the late 80s when I was a high school student. I took a hammer in my bag and would brandish it at would-be attackers. The school refused to help me and also told me to just "tone it down." I don't condone the mother's choice to arm Dynasty, but I understand it.

Indiana recently let potential legislation to protect LGBT students from bullying die after the religious right lobbied heavily against it and the people who should be supporting an end to bullying failed to defend the rights of LGBT students. In fact, they openly opposed our inclusion.

During the legislative debate on LGBT bullying inclusion, Tammy Sampson Moon, former state director for Bully Police Indiana sent an e-mail to Hoosier state lawmakers that adamantly opposed LGBT students. In fact, she admits to telling LGBT kids they are an "abomination" and that they will have "answer to God" - just months after the suicide of 15 year old Billy Lucas helped spur the It Gets Better project and a national outcry over LGBT teen bullying.

I have told many kids, and adults, who have asked me my opinion about homosexuality... whether or not I agree with them that they were "born" this way, or if it was a choice. I tell them that it is my opinion a choice. I also tell them that I also do not believe that it is right, cause it is not right. I tell them that it is an abomination of Christ, as is stated in the Bible. A "choice" that they make, a "choice" that they will have to answer to God on.

The sad facts of the situation is this: Indiana government doesn't give one whit about LGBT people and their refusal to deal in good faith with our community has trickled down to cause real harm to our children, our families, and our very existence. Until Hoosier Democrats start to adamantly stand up for our rights, Indiana will continue to lag behind in the greatest civil rights struggle of our lifetimes.

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