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Maddow: Democrats Discover Women for 2012 Elections

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Last night's Rachel Maddow show featured a damn good segment about Democrats and women's health issues. Normally the Republicans embrace their anti-choice positions while Democrats whimper that they are anti-abortion too while simultaneously trying to convince women that they're still a better option than Republicans.

A damn good example that Rachel cites is openly gay candidate Trevor Thomas in Michigan. Trevor, a friend of mine and former SLDN staffer, has been unabashed about his support for women's health while his primary opponent voted to defund Planned Parenthood while serving as a state legislator.

Isn't it great to see progressive Democrats lining up to be an actual alternative to these far right candidates? For too long, the Dems strategy has been to try and out-Republican the Republicans - especially in Midwestern states like Michigan and Indiana. Instead of offering a real choice to voters, they've tried to be lite versions of their opponents. It's not wonder they've not won easily. If I'm a conservative, I'd vote for the Republican too instead of the Republican-lite.

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