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Manson & Depp: 'You're So Vain'

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I was raised United Pentecostal, so it should come as no surprise that I was taught that Marilyn Manson was demon possessed (I'm not joking). Thus, I was terrified to listen to any of his music for fear of inviting demons in. Marilyn-Manson1.jpg

Seems I screwed up and let the demons in (the official stance of the UPC is that homosexuality is caused by demonic possession). Whether it was Manson, watching The Exorcist (my favorite comedy), or the years and years of gay porn, I'm not completely sure. Either way, I clearly figured out there was nothing wrong with any of this.

I look back and can't believe the miseducation I broke free from. Fear has amazing powers - especially when those fears are all based around superstition with no grounding in the real world. I was taught to fear myself, and it made my life closer to hell than the one they thought they were saving me from.

I laugh about it sometimes, especially when I encounter those old fears. And today I had one of those moments.

There is a new cover out from Marilyn Manson featuring Johnny Depp of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain." I am not sure where Johnny contributes to the song, but it sure as hell isn't scary. Has Manson mellowed with time, or am I just not a terrified evangelical anymore? Any old Manson fans out there than can make that call?

Check out the song after the jump, and compare it to the original. Who do you think is scarier?

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