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Showtunes Sing-Off: 'Ladies Who Lunch'

Filed By James Holmes | May 31, 2012 1:30 PM | comments

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This week's sing-off was inspired by a call to the room for suggestions. After I disliked all of them, I decided on Company's "Ladies Who Lunch," because I have that power.

Company-Playbill.jpgI honestly had never heard this song until my freshman year of college when a lovely little indie movie musical about an acting camp came along and changed my world.

I was no more than a month into the semester, freshly out, 18 years old, and living free from family for the first time - and when I heard of Camp (seeing as it was 2003, I'll assume XY), it sounded like a gay boy's dream. Pretty boys, gay boys, and Broadway. Yay!

At the time it still felt like such an oddity to see openly gay teenagers in a movie, much less one that was playing in a theater where I lived. I talked my best friend, Erin, into going. We even started the evening by stopping in the tattoo and piercing parlor next door to the theater, and I got my ear pierced.

All that to say, I loved the movie, and it introduced me to shows I had never heard of that I have grown to love - Dreamgirls and Company just to name a few. But my favorite performance was by far "Ladies Who Lunch." I won't give spoilers, but it is still possibly my favorite just because of the context - and my ear still has phantom pains every time I hear it.

But when it comes to vocals, I'll have to say Patti wins me over as usual. Check out some of the best after the jump and let me know who you think did it best. Did any of you feel the need to stand at the end of one clip more than another? I think that is the fairest rating.

Let the sing-off begin after the break.

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