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Showtunes Sing-Off: 'Defying Gravity'

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I haven't tapped into many musicals of the past decade in these sing-offs - largely because it is more difficult to find worthy covers. However, I have decided on a face-off that pits Idina Menzel against herself and a few others (I'm posting more than one because there are three different versions worth watching. Kristin Chenoweth is unbeatable as Glinda, so I am focusing on Elphaba here) singing Wicked's "Defying Gravity."

I have long had an extreme obsession with The Wizard of Oz in all it's forms since I was a child. Wicked-poster.jpgBorn to be a stereotype? Most likely. How many five year old boys do you know - especially ones that were born 15 years after her death - that worship Judy Garland? Just saying.

I had heard of the book Wicked in high school but never picked it up. It was when I got to college and a friend played the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Wicked that I fell in love.

I read the book (and all of the sequels - I highly recommend and they are very gay friendly). The first dress (and still the only) I ever made was for an Elphaba Halloween costume. I even made the hat. I named my car Elphaba even though she was red. Obsessed I tell you.

It was three more years before I saw it on stage - and it was a tour, not on Broadway, but I am pretty sure that when Elphie rose to the sky, I was so excited I squeezed my partner David's leg until it bruised. Sorry dear.

Sadly, all of the versions I can find of Idina as Elphaba online have her missing the last note. I love you Idina, but it can't be a cold every night. That is why I am including the three versions.

I am also including some of the Elphabas (and Elphaboes) that followed in Idena's green foot step - or just other covers.

As usual, let me know who you think did it best, and if I missed someone that deserves noting - and you can find a clip - let me know and I'll throw it up. As I said, it is harder than you think with newer shows.

Let the sing-off begin after the jump.

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