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Students Watch Porn & Masturbate in Class for 'Gay Test'

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Nine students have been suspended from Bell Middle School in San Diego after they watched porn on their cell phones and several openly masturbated during an all-male English class. bigstock-Check-Out-My-Mobile-479316.jpgThe teacher reportedly refused to intervene.

Supposedly, the 7th grade boys were participating in a "gay test" dreamed up by other students. If the boys became aroused while watching certain videos, they were deemed gay.

In written reports about the incident reviewed by U-T San Diego, witnesses said the boys were wearing gym shorts when they watched porn on their cell phones and several openly masturbated.

Several boys in the 22-student class raised their hands to complain, the students wrote.

But the teacher, Ed Johnson, brushed them off, saying he'd send the offenders to the principal if he caught them, and then went back to reading aloud from a book, U-T San Diego reported.
Johnson wasn't suspended because the student's claims that he ignored the behavior weren't proven, the teacher's union told NBC San Diego.

I'm curious about how this test was graded. If several of the boys were openly jacking off during class while watching the videos, were they watching gay porn, getting turned on, and - quite literally - letting it all hang out? Or was straight porn put into the mix and these hormonal kids getting off on that in order to prove their heterosexuality, perhaps?

Obviously we'll probably never know what was going through the boys' heads as they brazenly satisfied themselves, but the psychology behind the behavior is fascinating to imagine.

So what do y'all think? This "gay test" seems like it was pass/fail. What marks did the exhibitionists get?

(Teen with cell phone image via Bigstock)

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