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The 66th Annual Tony Awards: Not the Best - Not the Worst

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66th_Tony_Awards_Program.jpgWell I successfully made it through last nights Tony Awards, and I'll be honest, there were a few times I struggled to stay awake. And now that I think about it, in the world of YouTube, do I really need to tune in next year?

The only reason I really watch the telecast each year is to see the musical numbers - all of which are online with-in hours. It would save me a lot of time - and my partner, David, would not be complaining through the entire thing - if I just watched the recaps the day after.

One of the best parts, however, was my favorite host, Neil Patrick Harris. But even he seemed off last night.

His openning number seemed kinda thrown together or unrehearsed. Strangely his final sing-out - which recaps the show and is written as the night plays out - seemed better prepared than the beginning.

I love you NPH, but I'm not sure this was your best.

For those of you who missed last night's song and dance send-up, I've gathered up NPH's opening and closing numbers from all three of his times hosting (he was not in the opening number in 2009 so you only have two choices). You be the judge. Which year was his best?

Opening Numbers 2011, 2012:

Closing Numbers 2009, 2011, 2012:

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