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The Lizz Winstead Inspired Open Thread Contest

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Jerame and I had brunch with Lizz Winstead and a few other new friends this morning. (Hence, the late start today.) If you're ever looking for a fantastic way to start your day, eat with a comedian. One of the topics that came up at the table was how Super PACs are named.

The Republicans always seem to have good wholesome names that fill you with patriotic fervor and an automatic gut feeling of certainty - like "Americans for Prosperity." Well, hell, I'm for prosperity! It must be a great group! Liberals, however, always seem to come up with the most boring and unremarkable names for their bigstock--D-Vote-Icon-For-Election-Day-2396439.jpgSuper PACs - like the "American Bridge 21st Century." Well, hell, I like some... bridges? *yawns*

We started coming up with brilliant PAC names that would really, uh, inspire Americans to listen and take action - especially the ignorant "movable middle" and right wing. Some of the gems we came up with were, "Americans for Free Pussy and Beer PAC" (aimed at rural male voters - "Voting doesn't cost you a dime and the best things in life are free."), the "Your Vagina PAC" (targeting women voters - "Paid for by Your Vagina. No strings attached!") and the "Bottoms United PAC" (for LGBT voter turnout - "Sometimes you have to be pushy to make a hard point.").

So let's turn it over to y'all. What are the best Super PAC names you can come up with and what segment of the population will they target?

To make it interesting, I'll ask Lizz to look through the replies and pick the best one. I'll ship the winner an assortment of the books I get sent as review copies regularly. Of course, you don't have to buy anything or sell your soul to Beezlebub to win. I'll shut down the contest thread in 24 hours - Monday, June 17 at 2:30 Eastern time.

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