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Gay PDA Edition [What You Need to Know]

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two-men-holding-hands.jpegHolding hands with another guy in public has always been a little unnerving for me. The first time, it happened all of a suddenly - removing me from my comfort zone - and I scanned my surroundings for any potential altercation. We were in Macy's. He had grabbed my hand as soon as the doors glided out of our path. Then . . . nothing happened. However, I'm still always wary whenever I'm going to show intimacy with another guy in public - always making sure I'll be safe afterwards. Apparently, I'm not the only one who scrutinizes his surroundings. Before holding hands with your significant other, do you see whether it'll be safe? This and other insights you need to know:

  • Seems Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) was incensed by that fact that same-sex couples can marry on military bases that he doubled down on his amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill, banning same-sex marriages on military bases, and it passed in the House. SLDN responded to the Congressman's actions.
  • Penn State removed their statue of Paterno. I didn't even know he had a statue.
  • OMM (One Million Moms) unsurprisingly doesn't like NBC's new show The New Normal and vows to destroy it - or at least remove it from TV. Sometimes I wonder why there isn't a group that advocates the removal of those awful local Christian programs with the creepy preacher and atrocious hair styles. That's what's destroying America.
  • Panama's Boys Scouts Association is taking a page out of the Boys Scouts of America's book, stating that they'll remove any child, young man or adult whom they discover to be gay. But there's a twist! Not only is Panama's Boys Scout Association anti-gay, but according to their Executive Director, they also have some form of gay conversion therapy.
  • In other Latin American news, the Vatican has revoked the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru's (PUCP) right to call itself 'pontifical' or 'Catholic.' The Vatican explained its decision by stating that the university, one of the best in Latin America, did not follow its original mission statement. One of the university's most famous teachers was Gustavo Gutierrez, one of the founders of liberation theology.
  • Aljazeera rounds up what's happening this weekend in Syria. Some hypothesize what would happen after the Assad regime falls.
  • And to help you forget about all of this miserable news, here's the trailer for Pixar's upcoming film Wreck it Ralph.

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