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German Safer-Sex Ad Leaves a Crick In Your Neck

Filed By James Holmes | July 16, 2012 5:00 PM | comments

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Jim-Dickhead.jpgThanks Germany. Now men are going to worry and obsess over the length of their necks. Who new that it only takes holding your head back to make you a dick head?

In this new safer-sex ad out of Germany, images of men holding their heads back to expose their necks create an illusion of a penis extending from a hairy chest. I find it creepy.

The ad translates as, "Don't risk your neck. Your decision for safer sex at love-rocks.de."

I can't read that without picturing a straight razor slicing across the neck/shaft. Am I the only one that thinks of circumcision? They are clearly uncut.

Check out the ads after the jump. They are technically safe for work, but use your own discretion. I've included my best attempt at recreating the image myself to give you a sneak peak - but my beard kinda throws it off, and I am not nearly as well endowed as the models. I hope you like my shower curtain.

Does this in any way increase your likelihood of using a condom?


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