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Horror Hospital Edition [What You Need to Know]

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hospital-patient.jpgIf the United States wants to nation-build, then it must do so properly and without disappointing both Americans and those from the country we are trying to help. The country in question now is Afghanistan, which over the last eleven years has been under American occupation and aid. However, Buzzfeed has recently reported on an issue that puts our country to shame and makes us, yet again, wonder why we still are in Afghanistan. The case concerns the Dawood Hospital, a US-funded military hospital in Afghanistan. A congressional investigation discovered the horrific manner in which patients were treated, with maggots feasting on their rotting open wounds. Such rank neglect should not happen at an installation overseen by the US. Allowing this behavior to happen propagates the image of the US as a nation who cares little for others and seeks only to benefit itself. This and other eye-opening news you need to know:

  • Soon you could be downloading music off BitTorrent for free but also paying the artist. How could this happen? The file-sharing company has devised a way through which it can pay artists for the music you downloaded.
  • How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America: One man's experience with guns, an eye-opening personal story.
  • Friday night I watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony on NBC (I would have watched the live stream but I was with my computer-challenged mother), and I loved the quirky and history-filled show, from the Queen and James Bond opening to the giant Voldemort puppet. However, the next day I discovered that NBC, to save time, edited out a scene commemorating the 7/7 attacks. Though I'm glad NBC didn't cut other scenes like the tribute to the NHS, I'm sure it could've spared the ad time for five minutes of respect to the victims.
  • And, NBC's reason for not airing the tribute: "not for American audience."
  • Asian-Americans could wield the decisive vote in the upcoming election. Having been almost never addressed as a political voting power in the US, Asian-Americans make up a growing minority of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-religious nationalities which can, for the most part, hold the key for one of the parties' victory.
  • "No to restart! No to nuclear power!" A year after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, anti-nuclear power protesters surrounded the Japanese parliament and demanded the country stop using nuclear power.
  • After pressure from campus LGBT groups, Oxford University has decided to amend its dress code and will allow transgender students to wear apparel respective to their new sex for formal occasions.
  • And, in more Olympic news, two studies find that NBC is more likely to cover men's sports. But, when they do cover women's events, they always seem to be wearing very little clothes. I, for one, can't wait to see the men's beach volleyball team play in speedos.

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