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More Chick-fil-A Than You Can Shake a Drumstick At

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Having a hard time keeping up with the wonderful world of fast food politics? Here's a quick roundup of everything you need to choke your chicken (sandwich).

  • Back in the day, those of us old enough used to sit around and complain about how religious Chick-fil-A was what with the being closed on Sunday and the women all wearing skirts. The internet hadn't been invented yet though, so obviously nothing was done.
  • In 2011, blogger Jeremy Hooper decided he wasn't too chicken to take on the tasty sammies and exposed the fast food restaurant as being run by religious nutjobs who closed their restaurants on Sunday and preferred their women in skirts (but not necessarily barefoot). Why did Hooper cry fowl? The chain donated some of those fried hunks of breaded poultry to an event by an anti-marriage group in Pennsylvania.
  • With a little investigative crowd-sourcing, it was quickly revealed that the chain also had a non-profit foundation attached to it that was donating to the National Organization for Marriage and ex-gay groups. (The grand total given as of this writing was about $5 million dollars worth of anti-gay donations.)
  • College campuses across the nation erupted as students demanded that the chain be tossed out of food courts and started a grassroots educational campaign about the company's anti-gay donations. Soon there were graphics and fake job postings, and Facebook campaigns. Several franchises got the boot, but other efforts failed miserably.
  • As surely as day follows night, the religious right started proclaiming that their followers needed to stuff themselves on artery-clogging fried pieces of meat and pickle. The fast food wars had started.
  • Just as the controversy started quieting down except for the occasional attempt by students to ban yet another franchise from yet another campus, chain founder and all around genius, Dan Cathy, gave an interview to the Baptist Press. He doubled down on his anti-gay rhetoric declaring "We are inviting God's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say 'we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage'." No one challenged him to point out that God didn't say anything about same-sex marriage, but he was highly in favor of men having multiple wives, a pack of concubines, and the occasional sex slave.

Much much more after the break that you'll want to check out. (You think I pecked this whole thing out for my own amusement?)

My prediction for next week's big news story? Activists realize that Popeye was a height-challenged codependent with anger control issues who treated women like property. I smell a boycott of Louisiana-style nuggets and the spinach industry.

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