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Stereotypes? What Stereotypes?

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Ever hear of Zlango? Zlango_fabulous_pack__birthday.jpgI don't have an Android phone so I'll admit that I've never used their app, but after seeing their new gay add-on pack, I'm really doubtful I'll jump on their upcoming iPhone version.

Zlango is spurring on a change in the way consumers communicate by offering textable images designed to convey unique expression combined with visually rich popular culture and everyday slang. With its new mobile Internet to Android capabilities and an updated graphical user interface, the cross-platform mobile app lets users communicate how they want, when they want, with images that turn an average text-message into an emotionally explosive conversation.
Zlango enhances words with sequential animated icons, creating a better texting experience, with advanced messaging features that combine fun, color and personal expression.

So basically they give you little graphics you can add to your text to make it look like a teenage girl is sending you cutesy messages. In a breathless press release last week, the company announced that they were releasing an add-on pack targeted at the gay community.

It's called "Fabulous," of course, because that's what the gays say, right? I should have known that with a name like that the product would be a jumble of stereotypes like sailors, drag queens, go-go boys, Xena the Warrior Princess, and a banana penis substitute. Oh, and tops and bottoms.

Check out the complete set after the jump.


So to recap... Lesbians are butch warrior princesses, gay men are pouty sailors, and 1/6th of what we could possibly want graphics for are anal sex positions.

Yeah. That's exactly what we need. It sounds, uh, fabulous stupid.

I'm not impressed. How about you? Would you download it?

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