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The Footman Edition [What You Need to Know]

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thomas-barrow-downton-abbey-rob-james-collier.jpg(This opening paragraph may contain spoilers if you aren't up to date with Downton Abbey). Thomas's character has intrigued me since his brief love affair with a duke in the first season and his brief and subtle revelation in the second season. Everything about Thomas's emotional history and private life is brief and subtle, verging on nonexistent. He's the shows evil bitch. The gay evil bitch. Sorry Ms. O'Brien, I forgot about you. Yet, aside from comments by some of the other staff and the above mentioned incidents, nothing more of Thomas's gay side appears on the show. This being one of my favorite shows, I've always been disappointed by that fact, though I understand Thomas isn't a very important character. However, my prayers have been answered! Julian Fellowes, the shows creator, revealed that Thomas's personal story will be further developed in Season Three and we'll understand why he's such a bitch. Yes! I can't wait. Here is other exciting news you need to know:

  • Apparently we gays bring in the big bucks. Mayor Bloomberg announced a staggering fact to commemorate the first year anniversary of same-sex marriage in New York. Gay weddings have brought $259 million to New York City alone. Imagine how much it brought to the whole state!
  • Backlash followed Pres. Obama's speech two weeks ago in Florida, in which he stated that no one achieved what they have today alone but rather thanks to their community, acquaintances and the government. Romney, of course, rebutted, condemning Obama's speech as insulting to all entrepreneurs. Think Progress and The Last Word point out how Romney's new poster businessman received government help. Gasp!
  • And now the Obama campaign starts its retaliation.
  • A gay couple in DC were brutally attacked in a possible hate crime. Police are still searching for the assailants. Also, one of the victims, Michael Joel Hall isn't insured but here's a Facebook page set up to help pay for Hall's medical bills.
  • Serbia is becoming the place for gender reassignment surgery. The conservative Orthodox Christian nation unexpectedly attracts many transgendered people for the operations.
  • "The GOP's War Against Facts." Slate explains the GOP's latest opposition to the disclosure of facts, like Romney's tax returns and the Disclose Act. Republicans fear the facts will be used against them, despite their use of fiction against their opponents. Maybe Democrats and liberals should start 'creating' some facts of their own to throw against the GOP since they aren't letting anyone see the truth.
  • HIV infections continue to rise among young gay men, a CDC study reports. The study discovered young gay men continue to feel stigmatized as a community and tend to not get tested.
  • Despite upholding most of the Affordable Healthcare Act, the Supreme Courts decision on Medicaid expansion would leave 3 million more people uninsured. Is it too much to ask for Medicare for all or is that too much common sense for America's politicians?
  • Take a break from work and read Alexis Madrigal's counter arguments to the idea that we are addicted to gadgets. Instead, could our constant obsession with work be part of the problem?

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