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Atheist Edition [What You Need to Know]

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separation_church_state.jpgAtheists make up one of the largest minorities in the United States though they are also the least acknowledged and respected groups in this country. Conservative religious people, who are almost all the time Christian, complain constantly that liberals and atheists want to deprive them their religious freedoms because we adhere to this country's designed separation of church and state. Yet, no one notices the discrimination atheist experience every day in this country. We swear on a bible at court, we have to endure creationist classes in public schools and prayers in community meetings. This isn't always the case but when a law-abiding American stumbles upon this infringement of the law and tries to change, he or she faces backlash from the community, media, and religious people despite the fact that we deserve to live without having religion following us everywhere. Having blasphemed, now you can read other important tidbits you need to know:

  • First it was marriage equality, now it's the DREAM Act's turn. Some Democratic candidates and members of Congress want to see the DREAM Act join marriage equality on the Democratic Party platform.
  • How does one join the KKK? Following the atrocities of Oak Creek, WI, Slate wonders how one joins a white supremacist group and finds out what the application forms ask, both now and a century ago.
  • Free education (or, at least, cheaper education) means a greater educated populace and better job opportunities. While little is done in the US to remedy students' financial troubles, Chilean students, parents and educators won't stand idly as their education system deteriorates.
  • [No images but still possibly NSFW] The 'bronze eye' and its rising popularity among straight men. As gender roles start to be slowly pushed aside, straight men can explore new pleasures.
  • Jeremy Hooper from Good As You sheds light into Robert Oscar Lopez, the anti-Zach Wahls. His Twitter feed reveals more clues as to his emergence, discrediting LGBT parents.
  • Maryland marriage equality advocates are now delving into gambling politics. Both groups advocating marriage equality in Maryland are worried about the new addition of gambling to the ballot but for different reasons.
  • Take a writer's advice: everything is fiction. Your actions, memories, and the people around you. So, next time you have to write a story, don't worry about it too much.

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