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B-612 Edition [What You Need to Know]

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little_prince.jpegAs a child I didn't read much children's literature. Having a Language Arts teacher for an aunt helped bring literature into my life, though conventional children's literature rarely crossed my path. Instead I read short stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Mario Vargas Llosa. I did manage to read The Little Prince and some books by Jules Verne and Edmondo De Amicis, who no American I've encountered has heard of. The children's books I read opened the world to me, but rereading them as an adult has helped me understand the new world I first discovered. Writer Maria Konnikova agrees and in What Grown-Ups Can Learn From Kids' Books explores the sociological and philosophical ideas lurking within the pages of some renowned works of children's literature. Now let's delve into the real world of politics and culture for some stories you need to know:

  • Hack Alert! Apple and Amazon may be neglecting your accounts' security after an unimaginable hack happened. Learn to protect yourself digitally.
  • Eliot Spitzer proposes a more effective way to control guns in the US: throw the government's economic weight around. No new laws or waiting for Congress to act.
  • Gay dollars for Obama. Priorities USA, the Super PAC working to re-elect Pres. Obama, received one million dollars from Mel Heifetz, an LGBT philanthropist and activist. Find out his reasons for donating that sum of money.
  • Speaking of money-men in politics, the Koch brothers criticized Zach Galifianakis for his comments about the brothers' pecuniary influence over politics. Apparently the brothers don't like being criticized or satirized in movies. But, do we really care what they like?
  • Gleichberechtigung! Germany's conservative Christian Democratic Union has made a move to equalize tax benefits for same-sex couples. It still confounds me how the US's conservative party remains fixated with the past while other country's conservative parties look towards the future.
  • Is Fox News slowly changing its tune when it comes to LGBT issues? The conservative media stalwart's anti-LGBT coverage started buckling this year when anchors and pundits on the network started to oppose the network's political stance. Maybe the gay movement has finally reached Fox News.
  • Don't be a pregnant student in Louisiana. The Delhi Charter School will do pregnancy tests on any female student they believe to be pregnant in an effort to root out students with bad characters. Why do conservatives feel the need to force government down people's throats when it concerns 'morality' or sexuality?
  • May the Gay Force be with you. Ever heard of the Gay Force? It's what holds the whole universe together.

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