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Fencing Injustice Edition [What You Need to Know]

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fencing-loser.jpegI don't understand fencing very well. My sister fenced all through high school, so I do know the basics but none of the details. However, I understand an unfair ruling. When my sister explained to me in shock what had happened I stood there astounded like her though not for the same reasons. She understood the stakes and rules. I've always viewed the Olympics as a just and impartial global competition but what happened to South Korean fencer Shin A Lam at the women's epee final changed my opinions completely. Lam stood defiant in protest and that has become one of the most memorable moments of these Olympics. The IOC's behavior surrounding this incident, in spite of the obvious evidence of technical malfunction. Now, the IOC has offered Shin a consolation prize and vaguely admitted their mistake, yet their decision stands and, after losing her bronze medal match, Shin will return home empty-handed. Now more heart-wrenching news you need to know:

  • Before jumping to the other sadder news of the day, I thought I'd announce that The Outs new episode is online! And it's so good, but don't take my word for it. So, go and watch it - after reading through today's post.
  • The fight against DOMA continues. Marriage equality advocates have won another battle, this time in Connecticut. A federal judge declared the law unconstitutional, stating it violates the right to equal protection under the law. And, to top it all off, she was appointed by President George W. Bush. As another federal judge strikes down DOMA for one of its many faults, when will the Supreme Court step up to the plate?
  • Jesus always taught to love, cherish, and be kind to one's fellow man - at least that's what I was taught by ten years of Catholic education. But the folks of the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Mississippi seem to have missed that lesson. When a black straight couple planned to tie the knot at the aforementioned church, the pastor agreed - however, the parishioners didn't. Wanting to preserve the church's tradition of not having wed an African-American couple since its founding in 1886, churchgoers threatened the pastor with removal from his position.
  • The director of The Matrix has come out as transgender. Lana Wachowski transitioned very quietly over the past few years but now in a video promoting her new movie she happily starts with, "I'm Lana."
  • Buzzfeed has an update on the Dawood Hospital scandal I mentioned on my previous post: the Pentagon refuses to release key documents to Congress.
  • "You could see the shock in their faces. They never thought they would see the day when these images would become historically dated," said photographer Jeff Sheng after he used a subject's real name. The subject in question was part of Sheng's Don't Ask, Don't Tell project, which has now become part of history. Slate writes about what has happened with the project post-DADT.

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