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FOX Radio Cancels Show Over Pro-Gay Interview?

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I must admit, this has never been my experience in working with FOX. I've done several interviews for FOX News and FOX Business on television and on various FOX radio shows so often I've lost count. Each time I've been the on one of their programs or channels, I've been treated with respect and courtesy actually. sean-savoy.jpegIn fact, most of the time their staff has been much nicer and accommodating that any of the other major news stations.

Reno, Nevada radio host Sean Savoy, however, claims that FOX News Radio affiliate KKFT 99.1 FM killed his show after he interviewed a pro-gay activist about marriage equality, Chick-fil-A, and other queer conversational topics.

Sean Savoy is a spiritual educator and ordained minister, explorer, radio host, writer, editor, and public speaker who lectures in the United States and abroad. Until his show was cancelled, Savoy was not open about being gay himself, but the incident has prompted him to come out.

The Sunday evening thirty minute show, produced by Nevada Matters Media, Inc., had been on the air since September, 2011. The episode with Kolb aired August 12th. Savoy learned of the cancellation while he was away for a business trip in Las Vegas. The show's producer, Eddie Floyd, informed Savoy of the decision by the FOX News affiliate's owner, Jerry Evans. Savoy says Evans demanded his show be removed from the 99.1 FM Talk roster specifically because of the Kolb interview.

"To think I could be removed for having a conversation about the LGBT community in America baffles me. I have conducted a variety of interviews with a wide range of people over the past year, and yet this was the topic that got my show cancelled," Savoy said of the incident. "I am shocked I could be censored in this manner, especially when there has been no prior complaint of the show's content."

While I don't put it past the owner of a FOX radio station to be bigoted against LGBT people, I wonder how much Savoy's coming out affected the owner's decision. I'd also like to see his ratings since the show was at its one year mark - usually the time to decide whether or not a show is taking off.

What do you think? Was he fired for the interview or was it just coincidental? You can listen to the interview after the break.

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