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Gay TV Edition [What You Need to Know]

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nbc_the_new_normal.jpegDepictions of LGBT people on television remains few and far in between.Yes, we have shows like Glee and Modern Family, showing certain gay characters to the American public. However, they're not the main characters, just the members of an ensemble. Basic television hasn't seen gay main characters since Will and Grace, at least from what I know. And now there will be a new show fixing that dilemma: The New Normal.

But the show has already started to face backlash. First, One Million Moms blasted the show because of the usual impropriety they associate with gay topics. Now a TV station in Utah refuses to air the show, claiming it doesn't coincide with their values. Yet, what kind of values do not allow different perspectives or people to enrich the lives of others? We all know the answer to that question, yet manipulating a group of people's perspectives on another group of people isn't moral. Now, get ready for another round of news you need to know:

  • Conservatives, Republicans, or whatever else you want to call them seem radical in ideas and beliefs, and they are, but there's another group that's a bit more out there. Libertarians placed their hopes on Ron Paul but now that opportunity has been lost and they're going to resort to something dangerous for the GOP.
  • Poll reveals that Romney is losing a part of the electorate over his and his party's obsession with depriving that group of their freedoms.
  • How does is lesbian identity and space created in public spaces? Two academic feminists (my new favorite term) investigate the topic, one from New York City and the other from Barcelona.
  • China continues to develop as an economic rival to the West and particularly the United States. However, now China seeks to compete with the US on another field: arms export. China's military supplies to a certain part of the world not only defy America's international policies but another organization's stance on the matter.
  • During his election campaign he promised to legalize same-sex marriage, now Francois Hollande makes the first steps towards fulfilling that promise. A bill will be introduced in October to the French parliament to commence debate over the topic. Vive la France!
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates delves into the Obama presidency and the white majority's fear of a black president in The Atlantic.
  • NOM mocks pending California legislation which would expand the definition of parenthood thus including LGBT couples. Nothing more could be expected from NOM and their odd attempt to save families and children by destroying other families.

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