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Homonymous Marriage Edition [What You Need to Know]

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gay-men2.jpegI'm glad to have an obscure Spanish name in a predominantly English-speaking country. I doubt many parents name their sons 'Rodrigo' so I have a fair chance of avoiding a 'homonymous marriage' in the future. What would we be addressed as? Hot Rod and Rod? Way too many 'Rods' for this gay man's taste, and that's saying something. Conservatives shouldn't be worried just about same-sex marriage, they should be worried about same-name same-sex marriages. It's the Rods! Imagine how awkward it'd be when we meet each others' parents. The calamity! Here are more calamitous stories you need to know:

  • Chick-Fil-A related news has inundated the Internet these past few weeks. Videos, inquiries, and opinion pieces have been made about this issue, from both sides of the argument. However, few have stopped to consider what LGBT and ally employees of Chick-Fil-A think or experience. While bigots and ignoramuses lined outside franchises around the nation on Wednesday, LGBT employees at various franchises endured countless verbal attacks by customers unaware their server was LGBT or an ally. Dan Cathy's actions affect even his own employees and has led to an uncomfortable and dangerous work environment.
  • In response to Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, a gay kiss-in at Chick-Fil-A locations is planned for Friday.
  • In Lebanon, police detained 36 men at a gay cinema and subjected them to anal probes to prove their homosexuality. Lebanon isn't Iran - however, homophobia remains an institutional problem, especially when on-air personalities are calling for such actions.
  • "It does not make me feel better because it's not an Olympic medal. I don't accept the result because I believe it was a mistake." That's what Shin A Lam, the South Korean Olympic fencer who lost out on a chance to win gold by a technical error, said after declining a consolation prize offered by the International Fencing Federation. Though the IFF admitted to the technical errors, they continue to uphold their unjust position. I understand that someone screwed up and that happens, but it isn't it a reason to take away someone's chances of international success. Offering Shin a consolation prize just made everything worse. Good for her for not accepting.
  • Rolling Stone interviews Jeff Daniel from the HBO show The Newsroom about the show, the screenwriters, and cable news. Also, if you haven't watched The Newsroom, you should.
  • Does anyone know what Pussy Riot is? I didn't until now. Learn how a group of Russian punk girls face trial for opposing Putin via protesting in random places like a cathedral.
  • Civil war will continue for the foreseeable future now that Kofi Annan resigned from his post as peace envoy from the UN and Arab League. The most experienced diplomat currently and a Nobel Peace Prize winner quit in frustration, having to deal with not only the warring factions in Syria but the internal bickering of the Security Council. "At a time when we need - when the Syrian people desperately need action - there continues to be finger pointing and name calling in the Security Council," said Annan in his announcement. I doubt the finger-pointing will cease because none of these countries consider the freedom fighter or slaughtered family. They only consider their political stakes.
  • And while a country fights for freedom from an oppressive regime, in the United States, the GOP continues to disenfranchise the American people. At least, those they don't like. Their state-level purging doesn't prevent voter fraud but rigs elections. Think Progress's source reveals how people who are from cities, minorities, younger or older and unmarried are more likely to be removed from voting rolls. 2.7 million already have been since 2008. And the Republicans say they want to protect our freedom?
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