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Immigration Edition [What You Need to Know]

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immigration_now.jpegI've experienced first hand the US INS and the process by which a person becomes a citizen of this country. It isn't pleasant. Aside from paying exorbitant amounts of money on immigration lawyers and documents from the government, we used to drop things on a whim - school, work, plans - whenever we were summoned to the INS building in Newark. It was disruptive, to say the least. However, aside from the monetary problems obtaining citizenship can create, it also has the potential to revitalize the economy.

This country hasn't had comprehensive immigration reform in a long time. And while the country collectively focuses on ridiculous issues on the campaign trail, both parties continue to ignore the issue at large: how can immigration be fixed and be beneficial. A group of interested parties, including Mayor Mike Bloomberg, put together a report on immigration and how it could be effectively reformed. The reports were largely ignored and the country debated over who took the most jobs from the United States. Immigration mustn't remain a partisan issue, since the future of the nation depends on it. Now here are some tidbits you need to know:

  • Ever wonder what billionaires do with their money aside from donating to Mitt Romney? A pair of Google billionaires have started funding a project that would make mining out of this world.
  • California moves a step closer to making children safer. If SB 1172 passes in California, there will be no more traumatizing of LGBT or questioning minors.
  • Yes, we know the attack at the FRC building was awful. Did they deserve it though? While Tony Perkins and gang denounce the SLPC for labeling their organizations as 'hate groups,' he refuses to acknowledge everything his group has done to damage countless lives and encourage violence.
  • Rome was a great empire but it suffered due to its own mistakes. The United States is in the same situation, yet we cannot compare to Rome.
  • Romney campaign can't keep its promises and it isn't even in power. The promise of a balanced budget by 2020 won't be happening anymore but, then again, we weren't expecting Romney to win anything or get it right.
  • No, it isn't an anime. The Japanese police are cracking down on the Yakuza, leading to serious consequences towards civilians. Who will succeed?
  • Salon interviews author Paul Auster and talks to him about his new book and contemporary politics. Guess what he called Republicans.

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