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Multi-Lingual Edition [What You Need to Know]

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languages_books.jpegI love being bilingual. Speaking Spanish has helped me maintain a link to my family and culture, occasionally write interesting phrases in English, and know when a customer talks badly about me in front of me. I come from a family of multilingual speakers. My mother speaks, aside from English and Spanish, French, Russian and some German. Knowing many languages gave my mom great job opportunities, one which was in the Peruvian Air Force, translating airplane manuals and cockpit controls. She enjoyed her time in the air force, except for the time she made a mistake and the pilot lost control of his plane. Regardless of how many people have almost died because of my mother's multi-lingualism, she's still able to enjoy all the cultures that use those languages and is able to interact with various people's in a different level than through an interpreter.

Knowing a different language, aside from improving your brain functions, helps one understand different cultures at a much intimate level, as Mary Hawthorne points out on the New Yorker blog. She counters Lawrence Summers's editorial questioning the necessity of foreign language instruction. Perhaps the question, as one of her interviewees inferred, is how we can change the education to make foreign language instruction a benefit or how we can show it's one. Let me know your thoughts on this and, in the meantime, here some news in English you need to know:

  • There's another remake in the works that I didn't know of. Apparently in November we'll be graced with a remake of Red Dawn, because this country couldn't be afraid of unlikely foreign invasion once. When will Hollywood start making real films again?

  • Instead of fixating on fictional invasions, we ought to look at the real problems in this country. Monday saw another mass shooting. The first step in fixing a problem is admitting there is one.

  • Here comes Mothra! Scientists have discovered disturbing evidence that the Fukushima disaster did not leave everyone unscathed and could perhaps shed light into future complications.

  • Despite being down, Wikileaks still is making the news. Leaked emails revealed a new surveillance system database/system that has put the Internet in an uproar, but is everything everyone's worried about real?

  • LGBT activists in Zimbabwe were arrested without a warrant by local police. Of course, it happened when the LGBT group was about to release some bad news about the country's government.

  • Oh Romney. Either the GOP's presumptive GOP candidate didn't do his homework well or he really doesn't care except for winning. His VP pick, Paul Ryan, once voted for an anti-abortion bill so extreme it would've made some of Romney's children delinquents.

  • Apparently Rick Perry is slowly, very slowly, maybe changing his stance on gun control after a comment he made following Monday's shooting. Either he recants within the next 24 to 48 hrs or the NRA declares war on him.

  • Finally! The market can help men 'fix' any inadequacies they think they have by using some of these products!

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