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'Naughty' Sex Edition [What You Need to Know]

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straight_sex.jpegThinking about straight people having sex isn't particularly interesting, as a gay man, but it is true that they may have more 'gay sex' than us. Noah Michelson at The Huffington Post's Gay Voices vertical arrived at the realization that more straight people partake in sexual activities that do not result in pregnancy, as in oral, anal or whatever else they're into, i.e. 'gay sex.' Calling it 'gay sex' amuses me since, as Michelson points out, statistically it isn't gay at all but the heteronormative society we live in deems it 'gay' or 'dirty' or 'inappropriate' because the act doesn't result in an offspring.

What the societal connotations behind doing it in the naughty place or giving someone a blowjob, as Michelson points out, isn't that 'gay sex' is bad but that society is a prude. A puritan prude. Michelson continues explaining in his piece how classifying sex as bad and using that as an excuse to ignore it leads to negative consequences in society and even the gay movement's future thanks to our increasing societal acceptance. Now, wait a second to remove the images of straight people fornicating, and read some more news you need to know:

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