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Pence Admits Social Issues a Priority in IN Gov Race

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Back home in Indiana, the gubernatorial race is heating up. While conservative Republican Congressman Mike Pence is still on track to beat conservative Democrat John Gregg, the Gregg campaign has come out swinging on mike-pence-women.jpegPence's far-right agenda around social issues.

Pence, for the most part, has tried to walk away from the extreme positions he's taken as a Congressman. He's taken his cues from religious rights groups for years but now that he has to appeal to all Hoosiers, he's downplaying those issues in favor of jobs and the economy.

Pence is anti-gay, anti-woman, and anti-labor. He proposed legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, has voted against every pro-LGBT measure, and his record on labor issues is so atrocious that 99% of unions give him a 0% rating. In fact, most of the groups that give him a 100% rating on their own internal score cards are anti-abortion groups and anti-gay groups.

Gregg has been hammering Pence on his extreme stances, but, for the most part, they agree on the basics of the issues. Gregg is anti-choice. He supports a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions. He doesn't score much better with unions either. In fact, he's proposed eliminating Indiana's business income taxes - a decidedly Republican position.

It hasn't stopped Gregg from castigating Pence on his rightwing views though. Recent campaign ads show the Democrat sitting in a beauty salon to talk about a woman's right to choose - even though he opposes it. (I know, nothing sexist about that setting, is there?)

After the ad went on the air, WISH-TV's Jim Shella took the question directly to Pence - and actually got a real answer about his social issues stances. Whattaya know? He's just as extreme as ever.

Video of Gregg's attack ad and Pence's statements to Shella are after the break.

John Gregg Commercial

Mike Pence Social Issues Statement

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