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Pittsburgh Editorial Cartoon Sums Up FRC's Hateful Offense

Filed By Sue Kerr | August 20, 2012 12:30 PM | comments

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Rob Rogers posted a phenomenal cartoon yesterday morning, neatly summarizing the weak cries of the Family Research Council about being unfairly labeled a 081912_Hate_Group.jpg"hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I was aghast when I read comment after comment from FRC's Tony Perkins about the "hate group" designation in the aftermath of a horrible shooting at his offices. While 25+ LGBTQ organizations took immediate strong action to condemn the violence, Perkins took advantage of the moment to play politics - claiming that the hate group designation was grounded in political differences about marriage equality. He then later tied the shootings to President Obama.

Hogwash. Perkins' missed the whole point.

Sadly, rather than simply tend to his flock who were undoubtedly traumatized by the ordeal, he went on the offense. Rather than simply laud the valiant actions of the wounded unarmed staffer, Leo Johnson, who, after being shot, participated in subduing the shooter, he took shots of his own.

Larger version of the cartoon and more after the break.

I at least want to say "thank you" to the man who saved countless other people from being wounded or killed. That's heroism and it doesn't matter why you work there; thank goodness you do.

When I had the opportunity to chat with Rob Rogers, PG editorial cartoonist, about social justice issues around his trip to the political conventions this fall, I mentioned the FRC spin. I was quite pleased with his take on the situation.

The recent shooting at the Family Research Council prompted FRC President Tony Perkins to lash out at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Perkins claims that when the SPLC listed the FRC as a "hate group" it gave the gunman "a license to shoot an unarmed man." He told the SPLC to stop the "reckless rhetoric." I condemn the shooting and the shooter for this violent act. I also condemn the FRC for their own "reckless rhetoric."

Lesson? Take the time to talk with local journalists and other content creators. Did I sway Rob's perspective? I doubt it. He's an ally, but I'm glad I took the time to have the dialogue and encourage him to draw this gem.


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