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Please Come Out to the Ball Game

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baseball.jpgIn this video parody of Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero," the film maker, Sean Chapin, calls for a Major League baseball player to come out in an effort to help LGBT youth who look up to players as role models in a sadly homophobic sports world. More specifically he calls for MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to release a statement supporting any players that may choose to be open about there sexuality and has started a petition on Change.org asking him to do just that.

The goal is not to force anyone out - just to let players know they are welcome.

Though many MLB teams have released "It Get's Better" videos, there are still no out players in the league. It is hard to image that there isn't at least one of us amongst the ranks.

Baseball has always been part of my life. I am from Missouri and my family is devout St. Louis Cardinals fans. Cardinals games are one of the few things for which my Pentecostal grandmother will skip church. That means it is serious.

More and the video after the jump.

My sister was always the sports player. I learned how to paint, cross stitch, and cook, she learned how to hit home runs. I had no interest and still have no regrets.

But my parents made an effort to make me at least give it a shot - and for one summer between my third and fourth grade years of school, I played baseball. And I was terrified the entire time.

But honestly it had nothing to do with me being gay. I was on a team with friends that never treated me differently. I wasn't harassed. I was just a horrible player.

I remember the first practice when the coach told us to get on the field in the position we would like to play. I had no clue what he was talking about. There are assigned spots? Who knew?

The entire season I never caught a ball. I am easily startled in general (and still am), so I would usually phase out because of lack of interest until a ball came whirling in my direction, and I would dodge it rather than attempt to catch that speeding projectile of death.

I made it home once and was genuinely proud of myself, but knew that one season was enough for me.

I love baseball.

I hate playing it.

Even though I believe my lack of sports ability had nothing to do with being gay, it is still a popular stereotype used to sissify the queer kids of the country.

A boy uninterested in sports = gay.

A game man as a professional athlete (other than figure skating) = shocking.

That needs to change, and we need role models out there to do it. Come out boys.

Check out the video and sign the petition.

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