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Supermarket Sweep Edition [What You Need to Know]

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Supermarket Sweep.jpgInstead of greasing palms, one Spanish mayor is greasing the squeaky wheels of his sleepy, little hamlet by playing Supermarket Sweep. Mayor Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo of Marinaleda recently rallied union members to raid the grocery stores of neighboring cities and towns in an attempt to feed the hungriest residents of Spain's southernmost, Andalusian region.

"There are people who simply don't have enough to eat," Sanchez articulated for a Daily Telegraph reporter. "We've decided to expropriate basic foodstuffs and give them to the soup kitchens, which are struggling to provide for everyone because demand has increased."

Despite a recent spate of arrests, "the Robin Hood of Spain" seems unlikely to stop until Madrid loosens its austerity grip, and restores the social services they've decimated. However, it's unlikely the lootings are going to cost Sanchez. With diplomatic immunity, he doesn't have to pay.

Attention all shoppers! It's what you need to know:

  • Cancel your gay prides plans, LGBT Muscovites... for the next 100 years! The Moscow City Court rebuffed Russian gay rights activist Nikolay Alexeyev, and the European Court of Human Rights, by placing a century-long, citywide ban upon such celebrations.
  • Alt rockers Silversun Pickups recently demanded Mitt Romney's presidential campaign step in line, and stop playing their song "Panic Switch" at the Republican's future rallies. But, did Romney's campaign staff bother to read the lyrics?!
  • Silly season might be upon us politically, but at least there's comedian Wanda Sykes to steer us through it. Logo TV nominated Sykes to host its two upcoming election specials, NewNowNext Vote.
  • Nevada's Washoe County Sherrif's Department supported the Silver State's LGBT citizens Saturday at their 16th Annual Reno Gay Pride Festival. Unfortunately, Lt. Jim Dangle had pressing matters at the sheriff's office to attend to.
  • One recently-graduated high schooler has filed suit against the Blue Valley School District of Overland Park, KS for the failure of its staff to intervene, and stop the systemic emotional, physical and - worse - sexual harassment he endured for years at the hands of his classmates - for simply being perceived as gay.
  • Washington-based REI Sporting Goods, an outdoor recreation retailer, is pitching its tent for marriage equality and supporting Referendum 74.
  • He's absorbent, yellow and porous, but might Spongebob Squarepants possibly be gay? The Ukrainian National Commission for the Protection of Morality believes the fictional, cartoon character "present[s] a real threat to children."; but not jellyfish, strangely enough.
  • Now, try this at home. Type "bisexual" into the search engine Google, and see what pops up. Notice how there aren't any instant search results? Proud bisexual Sara Senft hopes that her petition fixes things.

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