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Sweetmeats Edition [What You Need to Know]

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Candy Corn.jpgIn his 2005 comedy special, Nothing's Sacred, comedian Lewis Black mused for us about candy corn, the "corn that tastes like candy." Suffice it to say, he didn't sound too impressed.

Seven years later, one Southern farmer could likely send Black over the edge. Joseph Watson, the owner of United Livestock Commodities in Mayfield, Ky., couldn't afford the crippling price of corn brought on by a record drought. Keeping 1,400 cattle fed isn't an easy task, but one of Watson's sweet ideas changed all that.

Expired candy, unfit for our consumption, transformed the diets of Watson's livestock overnight from corn-fed to, well, candy corn-fed. So far, the farmer's secret blend of ethanol byproduct, mineral nutrients and very poor quality chocolate apparently has kept his heifers hefty.

Holy cow! It's what you need to know:

  • How different might my life be today if I had turned to the Campus Climate Index years ago as a cocky high school senior? Calculated by Campus Pride, a nonprofit, LGBT advocacy group, the list of this school year's Top 25 LGBT-Friendly Schools highlights those colleges and universities making the grade for a safer, more inclusive campus (Let's just say "Biblically.")

  • Between March and May of this year, homophobic vandals trashed an openly gay, Radford College student's car no fewer than four times. But rather than "DIE," Jordan Addison recently received the surprise of his life from Richard J. Henegar, Jr., the manager of Quality Auto Paint & Body, and 10 other small businesses local to Roanoke, Va.

  • The Log Cabin Republicans can't flagellate themselves quickly enough for not fighting harder to halt what's arguably the GOP's most hostile anti-marriage equality plank to date from appearing in the Republican Party Platform.

  • Meanwhile, the gay conservatives behind GOProud are giddily lining up behind the Republican opponent of the first lesbian candidate for U.S. Senate, Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.)

  • British young adults, affected by eating disorders, recently had a demand filled by the charity group Beat to improve the quality of LGBT client care. Beat has established a live, weekly chat that specifically targets LGBT Brits, 25 years of age or younger, in need of a safe environment to open up about body image.

  • Police officials from the city of Pune, India are afraid that initial reports of extortionists and rapists prowling about - a gay dating site - are but the tip of Cupid's arrow.

  • Gunman Floyd Lee Corkins II, 28, received three indictments from the grand jury of a U.S. District Court yesterday that, if combined, could sentence the former LGBT center volunteer from Herndon, Va. to a maximum of 55 years behind bars for allegedly opening fire upon the Family Research Council's offices.

  • Car manufacturer Toyota hopes its latest ad campaign for the all-new Corolla - with an androgynous twist - turns heads in Japan.

(Candy Corn image via Flickr)

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