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The 4.5 Million Dollar Apology

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Remember Andrew Shirvell, the former Michigan assistant attorney general who was stalking a University of Michigan student? The loon penned a blog about the young man, stalked him on and off campus, and accused bigstock-Lustrous-Wooden-Cabinet-with-R-31157483.jpgChristopher Armstrong of "recruiting homosexuals."

Shirvell was fired from his position once his extracurricular activities hit the media and became a national laughing stock. Armstrong filed a lawsuit against his stalker for emotional distress and Shirvell, serving as his own attorney, countersued claiming he's the victim of "a homosexual activist agenda."

What's that they say about a lawyer who represents himself? He has a fool for a client. Shirvell found that life lesson out the hard way yesterday after a jury awarded Armstrong $4.5 million for his years of harassment.

Armstrong's attorney, Deborah Gordon, had said she would drop the lawsuit if Shirvell apologized and retracted his comments. Shirvell said that was disingenuous, since it wasn't until closing arguments that a multimillion-dollar award was brought up.

Shirvell said he's unemployed and "there's no way I could possibly ever pay such a judgment."

Gordon said the jury couldn't make him apologize, so the money was the only answer.

"We needed him to retract the flat-out fabrications he had come up with about Chris," she said. "Once he refused to take responsibility, we put it in the hands of the jury."

That's one expensive apology. While Shirvell may be currently unemployed, he's going to have to get a job eventually - and then he'll be working to pay Armstrong. Justice served.

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