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The Paul Ryan Jokes [Comment of the Week]

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Over on our Facebook page, some of you highlighted this selection for Comment of the Week. As one person said, "The best part of the post isn't the picture. Paul-Ryan-shirtless.jpgIt's the comments."

After a shirtless photo of Paul Ryan took the intertubes by storm last week, several Projectors couldn't resist cracking jokes about the veep wannabe. And the majority were really funny (which is more than I can say for my posts!). Here's a couple of them:

Brian Stroup · Los Angeles, California
Looks like the meat department is short on republican sausage. But he makes up for it with the baloney that comes out of his mouth.

Ted Hayes · University of Michigan
I once had a pet chicken that had bigger legs than that.

But the funniest comment has to go to this woman:

Ruth Gedenberg · Greer, South Carolina
Don't really care about the legs! I am excited that Romney picked him. Our country has a chance of pulling out of the hole Obama has put us in. We can't afford his socialism.

Someone should remind her that Bush was President before Obama and he caused the financial crisis with policies like Romney wants to emulate. Oh, and can't someone teach her the definition of socialism? It sounds like she's been watching FOX News for too long.

So how about you? What funny wisecracks can you make about the photo?

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