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Treason Edition [What You Need to Know]

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bigstock-USA-Military-603930.jpgThe news lately have been filled with various important stories such as the party conventions, hurricane Isaac, and Todd Akin's comments about rape accompanied by its subsequent fallout; however, one story fell through the cracks: treasonous plans within the ranks of the United States military. Some sites, including the Huffington Post, covered the incident but failed to highlight the importance of it all. Yes, the group was caught because they murdered in cold blood a member of the group and his girlfriend, but the story shouldn't end there. When a member of the military, no matter how low in rank, plans and prepares for the assassination of the president and the takeover of his base, the American people need to be thoroughly informed and we need to start asking questions concerning such an issue.

The country has always had extreme fringe groups and militias with plans to overthrow the 'evil' government but none, except for the Ft. Hood shooting, were active members of the military. But, then again, we've heard since the midterm elections rants by conservatives about having to use "second amendment remedies" to bridge our disagreements because discussion is unpatriotic. So, perhaps, these men saw it as their patriotic duty but what they've done is nothing more than treason and, if the military can imprison Bradley Manning for releasing some documents, they can charge this group with treason. Also, are we surprised the ringleader was at the RNC in 2008? Now for some news you need to know:

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