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True Love Edition [What You Need to Know]

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Cloverfield.jpgI believe the central, underlying theme of the sci-fi thriller Cloverfield to be love, true love, kills. Found footage recovered by the Dept. of Defense depicts six, hapless Millennials traipsing about New York City until they're inevitably slaughtered by an intergalactic beast. Group leader Rob decides it's in everybody's best interest that they document his descent into the burnt-out hellscape of Midtown Manhattan as they sprint to Rob's on-again, off-again romantic interest, Lucy, once its revealed she's trapped inside of her apartment. Thanks to Rob's childish, misplaced "love" for Lucy, others meet grisly ends.

Fortunately, nobody else died needlessly after one Chinese suitor nearly did himself in. Little did he anticipate, before jumping into an unventilated, cardboard box, that a bad address might be the death of him after shipping himself to his lover's office. In the man's defense, he told local reporters that he'd spoil the surprise if his screams ended up giving him away.

I would do anything for love ... But I won't do that. It's what you need to know:

  • Marriage might be for the birds, but for Kiwis, it's a start. Members of the Parliament of New Zealand recently voted 80 to 40 in favor of civil marriage rights for same-sex couples, although Labour MP Louisa Wall's Marriage Amendment Bill faces an additional two floor votes, and review by a select committee, before its enacted into law.
  • If the phrase, "That's so gay," gives you a headache, you're not alone. Researchers at the University of Michigan determined that the expression's prevalency can also contribute to decreased appetite, and other physiological problems, for lesbian, gay and bisexual college students.
  • Even though a breastfeeding support group initially soured upon Trevor MacDonald's application for a leadership position, La Leche League International appears poised to change its policy for the transgender Canadian father.
  • President Barack Obama's LGBT backers are experiencing a crisis of faith after campaign officials offered the closing prayer of next week's Democratic National Convention to none other than Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, a strident opponent of same-sex marriage. Is Pastor Rick Warren on stand-by?
  • It's straight up cold that, every night, an estimated 800 LGBT teenage runaways are forced to sleep upon the mean streets of Detroit. However, the city's Ruth Ellis Center hopes donations to their End the Chill campaign at helps their drop-in shelter stay open later next winter.
  • Five California school districts from the Long Beach-area are getting unsatisfactory marks for delaying the implementation of Seth's Law - in response to the 2010 suicide of 13-year-old Seth Walsh - that mandates school districts update their anti-bullying policies to include actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity. In a recent audit of their state's Dept. of Education, California lawmakers revealed that chronic absenteeism caused by bullying costs their school districts, on average, $33.9 million annually.
  • Conversion therapy. The American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association and the the American Counseling Association agree that it's a solution searching for a problem. So, California's state Assembly overwhelmingly voted to ban the discredited treatment that considers homosexuality to be a mental defect.
  • Fab or drab? Delegates to the Republican National Convention are getting dressed down by Buzzfeed staff for crimes against fashion!
  • (Cloverfield graphic via Photobucket)

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