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Weiner Edition [What You Need to Know]

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Weiner.jpgMove over Oscar Mayer. Designers of Trojan-brand vibrators are hoping everyone will be in love with them once they've distributed more than 10,000 "marital aids" to the citizens of New York. But, alas, it appears their suggestive giveaway needs recharging. Two "Pleasure Carts" sponsored by Trojan Vibrations - estimated to have cost the company approximately $350,000 - hit the streets yesterday to hand out 5,000 Tri-Phoria "intimate massagers," and 5,000 Vibrating Pulse devices, for a scheduled, two-day sweep of Manhattan. However, Trojan's campaign to "mainstream" its vibrators, by placing them inside of hotdog carts, collided with the NYPD yesterday; much to the dismay of several hundred New Yorkers who've rattled the Trojan Vibrations Facebook page with their angry comments. Last night, event organizers postponed the giveaway until further notice. Here's a stimulating glimpse though at what you need to know:

  • DeSales University stands by its motto of "be who you are, and be that well" for the approximately 2,500 students in attendance at the Catholic school unless, well, if they're gay. In the opinion of Jeffrey Joyce, vice president of student affairs, the idea of an LGBT student group at their central Pennsylvanian campus would be promoting a "hypocritical" message of exclusivity. One alumnus at disagrees.
  • Olympian McKayla Maroney of the U.S. women's gymnastics team bottomed out in the individual vault finals, and scored a silver medal. Unsurprisingly enough, she's not impressed with herself, or a double-rainbow, or the Biebs for that matter.
  • Eat More Kale, and maybe you'll grow up someday to be as tough as Bo Muller-Moore, the Vermont T-shirt vendor fighting Chick-fil-A's allegations of trademark infringement.
  • Cyclist Richard Carey, 53, wasn't spinning his wheels when he announced last June that he'd ride cross-country promoting marriage equality. Two months, eleven states and more than 3,600 miles later, Carey finally concluded his trek.
  • It gets better, gradually. Compared to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network's first survey from 1999, results from The 2009 National School Climate Survey revealed that, ten years later, LGBT middle and high schoolers heard fewer homophobic remarks daily, but the amount of physical violence directed at them hasn't diminished.
  • President Bryan J. Fischer of the American Family Association isn't a U.S. Civil War reenactor. Perhaps one could teach Fischer that if an "ex-lesbian" kidnaps her child, and deprives the other mother of her shared custody rights, she's not Harriet Tubman.
  • Is that a fat wallet, or are you just happy to see me? President Bob Witeck of Witeck Communications, a consulting agency, recently valued the buying power of the LGBT community at $790 billion annually.
  • Photographer Leland Bobbe's latest project, Half-Drag, capturing New York's fiercest drag queens - and the men beneath them - will fully-captivate you.

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