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A Bad Thing Happened on the Way to the Carousel [Comment of the Week]

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Contributor Mike Rogers weighed in on Michael Hamar's post "Gay Couple Sues United Airlines for Intentional Harassment." A Virginia couple were horrified to find that Continental Airlines staff had removed a dildo from their luggage, covered it in a foul substance, and then taped it to the top of their bag. Thumbnail image for comment-of-week.jpgAs their baggage came down the carousel, other travelers began to laugh and point while they stood there humiliated.

Mike seems to draw a distinction between public and private that I find interesting.

Bad thing happened, but these want to make it seem like this happened in their office in front of 50 people they knew. Seems to me that United should say "Sorry guys, here's 3 vouchers for each f you, we're sorry."

If a judge saw that, I imagine she would toss the case after the United offer. These men were not "harmed" permanently, they are drama queens.

What do you think? Would it be worse if something degrading happened in front of people you know or if it was public humiliation in front of strangers?

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