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And the Emmy Goes to . . . the Same People

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Modern FamilyI love award shows - I even watch the Tonys - but last night I think was the first time I fell asleep during the Emmys. And when I woke up, I didn't realize I had been asleep for almost 30 mins.

As in previous years, ABC's Modern Family swept most of the comedy category. I have nothing against Modern Family, but is it really the best comedy? And more importantly, do I care?

Yes - I know it has brought a gay family into one of America's favorite TV shows and TV sets (and computer screens) across the country. But as pointed out in a recent piece in The Atlantic, is it really that modern?

Modern Family seems to exist in a parallel universe where concepts like "irony" and "subtlety" don't exist; where of course gay characters are going to attend a Lady Gaga concert because, hello!; where saying something normal in a funny voice might be worth more than saying something funny in a normal voice; and where, hey, wouldn't it be something to have one nerdy daughter and one who loves the mall?

I have never been a fan, but I have also never been a hater of Modern Family, and I have only seen a handful of episodes - so maybe I have no room to judge, but I believe there is truth to the statement.

Like the majority of the shows nominated, these modern families are middle class white families. The gays in Modern Family are the same neutered well to do stereotypes of old (and by old I mean Will & Grace). The latino members of the family married into money. But in today's world of economic woes, where does this reach out to a majority of American families? Is it hope? Fantasy?

As the author points out in The Atlantic:

Perhaps the most damning piece of evidence against Modern Family is that both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama (on behalf of the Obamas as a whole) claim it as among their favorite shows. It would be worrisome enough if it was just coming from one of them - the entire point of a presidential candidate answering a question like that is to choose something as pleasantly inoffensive as possible - but the fact that both of them picked it, well, that's a Venn diagram of blandness from which nothing compelling can escape.

I'm not completely convinced Mitt Romney has ever seen Modern Family, but if he has, maybe that is why he is so out of touch with the average person - he thinks that this is a true representation of the average American family.

If you missed last nights broadcast, check out the winners here.

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