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Giving Myself a 40th Birthday Present

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My 40th birthday is coming up ten days. To celebrate, I'm giving myself the best present I can think of. bigstock-Quit-Smoking-No-Smoking-2796107.jpgI'm going to stop smoking.

I've smoked since I was 14. I started by stealing my stepmother's Kool cigarettes and boy did I think I was cool. Twenty-six years later, the chronic cough, the smelly clothes, and constant search for a breath mint doesn't seem so chic. Since I've been complaining about being broke too, this is a good way to cut about $260 out of the monthly budget in a healthy way.

I posted this news on Facebook this morning and I'm putting in on the site now for one simple reason. They say it's best to announce your quit date so others can help hold your feet to the fire. That's where y'all come in.

Any suggestions on how to quit from former smokers are welcome. I can't use Wellbutrin or Chantix because I'm bipolar and they'll throw me into a mania. I tried using the patch once, but it made me break out in a horrible rash. Other than that, the sky is the limit. Right now I'm considering hypnotism and e-cigarettes. Anyone had success with either method?

Also, they say to sign up for little text alerts and whatnot to keep encouraging you to quit. It seems to me that getting the constant reminders about not smoking would make me crave a cigarette. I'd think "Oh yeah! I could be having a smoke right now!" Am I looking at this wrong?

Help me out, folks. Give me your advice on how I should do this.

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