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God, Science, & Bigotry Edition [What You Need To Know]

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gender-inequality.jpgOklahoma County District Court Judge Bill Graves, who as a state lawmaker strongly supported banning same-sex marriage, cites at various points "scientific reasons" and "God" as justification for denying this important step in the transition journey, at times using highly offensive and charged words to refer to trans* people.

Note: I linked to the lgbtqnation.com post on this issue because the original article engages in disrespectful mis-gendering of some of the trans* people involved.

At the judge's request a Republican legislator, who is also a physician, wrote an affidavit stating essentially that because transition does not change DNA, it is impossible to change one's gender. Preferring a double-barreled approach to the pursuit of injustice, Judge Graves also quoted the biblical book of Genesis as "proof" that gender is immutable.

It's not all bad though, at least five other judges in his county have said that they routinely provide name changes for trans* people.

And with that little ray of hope, here's what you need to know today - all after the break.

  • Out actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson of ABC's multiple Emmy Award winning Modern Family, has released a truly adorable video to announce both his engagement, and the upcoming release of a collection of bow ties to help fund the fight for same-sex marriage. Check it out at tietheknot.org. Congratulations to Jesse and Justin on their engagement, and on resisting what I imagine was the almost overwhelming temptation to call their foundation "family ties."
  • Australia's parliament has resoundingly voted against a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in that country. It's a major blow for the Australian LGBT community, but advocates have pledged to continue the fight moving forward.
  • Former Pittsburgh Pirates owner and scion of the Mclatchy newspaper company, Kevin McClatchy has come out as gay in the New York Times in honor of his 50th birthday. I'm assured by people who have a far greater understanding of the sports world than I that this is a pretty big deal. Not to play to stereotypes, but my understanding of baseball extends to a youth spent praying that a ball wouldn't come anywhere near me during my disastrous youth baseball league days. Guest blogger Jim Toevs mentioned Kevin Mclatchy's in his excellent post on coming out yesterday.
  • Food giant General Mills has released their quarterly report, and as reported by Businessweek.com, it looks like NOM's much publicized boycott over General Mills support for LGBT rights and same-sex marraige has had no noticeably impact on the company's bottom line. Calling for a boycott of a company whose products make up an enormous percentage of the average shopping list may be as impractical as asking parents to boycott Disney products, or computer users to boycott Google. So par for the anti-LGBT course I suppose.
  • Project Runway Season 8 alumni Nong Ariyaphon Southiphong, who competed as Andy South, has gone public about her transition from male to female. New Now Next has an exclusive interview with the talented designer (one of my favorites from one of PR's best seasons) talking about her transition and her successful clothing line, which is carried by Nieman Marcus.

Finally check out these awesome ads from Australia's No To Homophobia, which address discrimination faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans*, and gender non-conforming Australian citizens:

(img src: Pictorial Antonym of Gender Equality by flickr user FeatheredTar and used under Creative Commons license)

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