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Honey Boo Boo Dubstep Remix & Why I Despise Them Both

Filed By James Holmes | September 19, 2012 2:30 PM | comments

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Here_Comes_Honey_Boo_Boo.jpgFirst off, I can't stand Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Yes, I have been forced to watch in, but I find nothing entertaining about it.

The show represents everything I have spent my adult life trying to escape. I grew up in a small town in Southeast Missouri full of Honey Boo Boos. And not to judge any of her family, but it reminds me too much of home and why I rarely go back.

Since I left Kennett for college I put in a lot of effort to mellow out my accent. Yes - I still sound like Honey Boo after a few too many drinks, but most people no longer immediately ask me where I am from as soon as my mouth opens. I still describe it as the accent that makes people assume your parents are related.

While some may say I should take at least some pride in where I am from, I consider it a handicap. People equate just the way I sound with stupidity. I despised being immediately stereotyped as unintelligent. Going into a job interview and sounding like a southern hick unfortunately puts you at a disadvantage.

Also, I hated when people embraced this redneck stupidity (and this is only about 10% of my hometown population). The people like Honey Boo Boo's family are just as intelligent as any other average American, but to decide to embrace and celebrate stupidity and redneck culture just amazes me.

But what was different about me? Am I just a snob that decided to go through ex-hick reparative therapy? Or am I just scarred from the hell that people in my home town - including members of my family - put me through because I was always a faggy little kid?

Is it because academics were my way of escape? I worked my ass off in school and graduated as valedictorian, but I was often mocked just because I was the smart kid. What is wrong with wanting to be educated? Ugh.

As soon as I got to college, it wasn't just that I was finally out as gay, but I was finally free of people that worshiped stupidity - or at least I was able to keep them at arms length.

Moving on. So why do I hate Dubstep? Personal taste. It's loud with no substance. I also am influenced by working at a music venue that occasionally hosts Dubstep shows. I respect the artists, but their fans can be tough to handle. Maybe I am just not intoxicated with and to the level they are.

Anyway, below is the video that inspired this rant. Two things I hate remixed into one minute and seven seconds of addictive hell - and it is now stuck in my head. Enjoy my punishment with me.

(img src)

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