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Is Log Cabin Still Relevant? [Comment of the Week]

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After Barney Frank called Log Cabin Republicans the Uncle Toms of LGBT politics, they quickly responded by calling him a "coward" and a "bully." National Stonewall Dems Executive Director (and Bilerico co-founder) retorted that the Thumbnail image for comment-of-week.jpgorganization had admitted their presence at the Republican convention had made the GOP platform worse for our community and suggested it was time for the Republican to stand up to their own party instead of simply apologizing for them.

Reader Edward Jay Allen points out that the group seems to have the wrong priorities when it comes to working with their party.

Edward Jay Allan
Given that the Republican Party has enthusiastically embraced for its mainstream the psychopaths and sociopaths of the Teatotalitarian wing, a party that has ejected Richard Lugar even, I hope that members of Log Cabin realize that they are being largely delusional in thinking that they can have any meaningful impact.... unless they are prepared to ACTIVELY work to get rational Republicans -- there used to be some -- elected as opposed to the irrational ones. (Members of GOProud are totally delusional.) Most assuredly they should withhold any endorsement of the Ryan-Romney ticket.

It's too bad that members of the Log Cabin Republican feel that tax cuts are more important than being able to be out of the closet at work, that tax cuts are more important than assuring health care and support for HIV/AIDS funding for Americans in need, that the right to own a bazooka is more important than the right to expect that people who use violence against themselves get prosecuted.

One of Stonewall Dems main priorities has always been to elect pro-equality Democrats. Without politicians in the party who support our rights, nothing will ever get better. You can see the results of their work in last week's Democratic Convention as political bigwigs spoke about our issues and lined up to address LGBT participants.

So it begs the question... Given Log Cabin's current focus on supporting the GOP instead of challenging them, is the group still relevant to the modern LGBT movement?

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