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Forward, Not Back Edition [What You Need to Know]

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Democratic Party logoIt's the day after the opening night of the DNCC and the event has brought supporters of President Obama and the Democratic Party to Charlotte, NC. One group arrived to the convention with greater numbers than before: LGBT delegates. A larger number of young people were among the ranks of LGBT delegates, strengthening the hope for future political involvement by the LGBT community.

Buzzfeed compared the stories of two delegates, both first timers, and how their lives and futures are shaped by the political history of this country and the work of the Democratic Party. Like the younger interviewee, I hope to see a future of greater equality, where my sexuality won't play a role in whether I should be married or start a family or keep my job. Like many of the speakers last night said, it is up to us to register, canvass, and go vote. No one else can insure our future if we don't mobilize, spread the word and tell LGBT folk, folk of color, women, the elderly, members of the armed forces and everyone else that part of the path to equality is through the ballot box. Now go out and register, if you haven't already. Oh! And don't forget, some more news you need to know:

  • News from Washington State! The largest online travel company in the nation has pledged its support for marriage equality in the Evergreen state. I wonder if all the companies this corporation owns will be boycotted...
  • Republicans tend to have many more gay scandals/rumors than Democrats. That's just my impression but I think it might be true. One rumor, however, continues to bother one well-groomed and hunky GOP representative and, again, he was asked about said rumors. He didn't like the question much.
  • Christian academy in Pennsylvania fires teacher because of her gay son. The school's anti-gay policy affected the teacher thanks to her coworkers incessant hateful preaching.
  • Political ads are getting worse. At least Mitt Romney's are. Apparently, if Obama is reelected, straight people will have to suffer a future of gay marriage. Can't come soon enough!
  • Two British citizens will take their cases to the European Court of Human Rights. But, not for the reasons you may think.
  • Gay parents make gay children, so finds study. Though they refer to the "happy" meaning of gay. Will we gain easier methods to create a family with this proof? Probably not.
  • Bullied teen who tried to defend himself in school and was subsequently expelled is now suing his school district. Though he may have fired a type of weapon, he shouldn't have to have resorted to such drastic measures.
  • Ever wonder what the history of gay "corrective" therapy is? Though the piece is a bit old, now that California has banned forcing minors to undergo such treatments, I thought it interesting to take a glimpse into past treatments.

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