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MN Gay Marriage Ad Follows Same Old Non-Gay Strategy

Filed By Bil Browning | September 18, 2012 3:00 PM | comments

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Washington state's first marriage equality TV ad dropped last week and it was a heterosexual snoozefest. Now Minnesota has released their first go on the small screen and it's more of the same.

To be fair, it is a baby step in the right direction. Instead of only showing one lesbian for three seconds like Washington, the folks in Minnesota show two lesbians (with a kid!) for a whopping six seconds. That's double your lesbian value right there!

I understand that focus group after focus group tell pollsters that seeing gay people turns off the straight folks we need to vote in our favor. The general public wants to see grandmas and grandpas talking about their families, but never actually showing them too much. They think that voters will identify with the friends and family members of gays and lesbians. I disagree.

We've done all these focus groups and produced these same old ads for years now. We've never won with them. We can claim that they move people all we want, but it's the same as those polls that always show us with inflated numbers about how good we're doing. People lie about their feelings about same-sex marriage to pollsters. That's a known fact.

One of the most important honest-to-gosh ways to advance our rights has been pretty simple. LGBT people came out of the closet and showed people their faces, lives, and families. Why should we do any less now?

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